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1. The OGDEN NAACP can NOT accept verbal complaints over the telephone. ALL complaints MUST be submitted in writing on the approved LEGAL REDRESS form.

2. The OGDEN NAACP’s Legal Redress program is managed by the Legal Redress Committee. The review and processing of complaints is conducted by a group of OGDEN NAACP volunteers called the Legal Redress Team (LRT). Complaints are periodically reviewed throughout the month. Although the goal of the OGDEN NAACP’s LRT is to address complaints in a timely manner, complainants should anticipate a slight delay before receiving a response to a submitted complaint.

3. The OGDEN NAACP does NOT have organic lawyers!  If necessary, the LRT will refer you to legal counsel.

4. The OGDEN NAACP is working on developing a program to provide access to attorneys for legal advice (see “SPEAK WITH A LAWYER”, below.)


If you believe that you have been the victim of a Civil or Human Rights wrongful action and want to file a complaint with the OGDEN NAACP to have the organization investigate your complaint, you MUST submit a formal Complaint Form.

Here are the sequential actions for submitting a complaint and the OGDEN NAACP processing steps:

1. Applicant/Complainant obtains and completely fills out an OGDEN NAACP Civil Rights Complaint Form.

2. Applicant submits the completed Complaint Form to the OGDEN NAACP.

3. The OGDEN NAACP dates and time stamps Complaint Form upon receipt.

4. The OGDEN NAACP’s Legal Redress Team (LRT) reviews received Complaint Forms for completeness and to determine the dynamics of the complaint and potential course(s) of action for complaining applicant and ultimately, resolution of the issue.

5. The OGDEN NAACP LRT contacts the complainant to:

* Request additional or collaborating information, if needed.

* Schedule an appointment with the complainant, if there’s sufficient evidence of a wrong doing or actionable offense,

* If LRT determines the complaint does NOT have merit for action, advice the complainant of this and the reason(s) why.

6. Interview the complainant and have complainant complete applicable waiver and authorization forms.

7. Determine the best course of action to obtain resolution of the complaint.

8. Pursue recommended course of action. When necessary, refer complainant to legal counsel resources.

9. Develop and maintain detailed documentation for each case.


What is the LRT’s goal in helping me?

The OGDEN NAACP Branch 1126, LRT has established several goals and objectives. These G&Os are as follows:

1. Review submitted Complaint form in a timely manner.

2. Thoroughly discuss legitimate complaints with complainants in a timely manner.

3. Attempt to resolve legitimate cases with all involved parties.

4. Refer complainants to legal representatives when necessary.

Where can I get a Complaint form?

Complaint forms:

1. Click link at the top of the page to complete and submit the form.

2. Are available by email request.

3. Can be faxed or mailed, upon request.   Call the office at (760) 754-9686 to request.

Why do I have to fill out a Complaint Form?

1. The Complaint form provides our LRT thorough information about a complaint, the associated circumstances and the parties involved. This helps our LRT assess the situation and determine what action(s), if any need to be taken.

2. The Complaint form also serves to provide the complainant with a type of “Statement of Understanding” regarding what the LRT can do as well as CAN NOT do.

What is the OGDEN NAACP process for submitting a Civil/Human Rights complaint?

Please read/review the 9-step process listed above.

Does the OGDEN NAACP have any Lawyers?  What is the background of your LRT?

1. The OGDEN NAACP DOES NOT have lawyers nor does it provide “direct” legal representation.

2. The LRT is comprised of individuals with experience and/or training in areas such as Conflict Resolution, Human Resources, Labor Relations, People Skills and Problem Solving Techniques.

Why can’t I just call in and give a verbal complaint? 

1. Federal and State Privacy and Confidentiality laws require that provisions be in place to protect individual’s information as well as restrict who has access to it.

2. The Complaint Form has been structured to solicit the “who, what, where, why and how” details regarding a complaint.  This helps the complainant compile and structure relevant and often key compliant information.

3. The Complaint Form provides formal documentation and a record for a submitted complaint.  As such, it also serves to protect both the complainant and OGDEN NAACP LRT and mitigate confusion that often results from verbal ONLY scenarios.